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Stanley's Feedback
This server is a very well made server.
There has been a few ups and down with this community including the time when we didn't know who the new owner of the server because of the 2 founders leaving and 1 of them fortunately coming back (Jeremy). Even though all these ups and downs have happened it has just been growing and growing in size, to the point where we have finally made a DarkRP server (That was backdoored big R.I.P) and despite that happening it is still currently being worked on and improving. It is also amazing how many donations this community has gotten it is possibly some of the most donations I've seen in a short span of around 1 week (445$) so basically we are improving and growing. Lets go back to the new owner (Matt) he is one of the nicest and most chill guys you will ever speak to he is very laid back but is strict at the same time making the community more appealing to many people which is why I believe the community has gone so well in a span of 1 month and half approximately. So I hope the community can last longer and can improve more, and with all of this happening the DarkRP on its half full release got 11 people before it got closed to improve for the next day hopefully being its full release. So I hope you have learnt about this community a bit more. This community stretches back a lot further than just this one individual server, it stretches back to last year and probably further. Some people may remember some of these other community Australian Gaming Network (Melbourne Gaming), Apex Servers, Apex was a bit more special than some of the other servers cause it was where 2 communities collided I guess you could say. It was very weird, some of AUGN's player base all moved to Apex Servers because it was a new DarkRP server but it also brought us to meet new people. 

So in conclusion this server started a very long time ago.
Thanks for reading (If you were bothered).
Currently: Master Agent Stanley (ISB)
               Private 2400 Stanley (ST)

Formerly: Grand Moff Tarkin
               Chief of Staff Stanley
               Moderator (DarkRP)
               Trial Moderator (SWRP)
               Event Master (SWRP)

Thanks for the feedback and brief history of the server! It was great to read the kind words you've written. The sever has continued growing at a rate that we didn't think was possible. We have secured enough donations to open a second sever like you mentioned as well as gaining new content for the SWRP. We couldn't have done it alone, we have had a great management, staff and event masters team that were with us every step of the way. Thanks everyone!

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